***** The 2018 JASTA SSTV Activity Contest is difficult to continue *****

Dear SSTVers all over the globe

JASTA(Japan Amateur SSTV Associations) would like to announce  “No the contest

this year unfortunately” 

It’s very sad to close annual JASTA SSTV ACTIVITY CONTEST for us, for all of you.

But, it’s difficult to continue the contest because of several reasons, electronic contest

log system, sstv frequency troubles, fund, etc.

Anyway, the contest had run 40 years!  We want to present a vacation for staffs.

JASTA is still alive, and will continue other sstv activities.

We are very happy to see your sstv picture on some day at the contest again, if we could.

Many thanks.JASTA  June 1 2018 (Japanese radio memorial day)