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Service activities are supported by volunteers to promote SSTV among people.

A main activity of the association is as follows.

1. Holding a SSTV contest (March and August)
2. Plan and operation of JASTA booth at Ham fair.
3. Edit and publication of SSTV callbook.
4. Distribution of various SSTV software.
5. Supply of SSTV information.
6. Information and consultation.

JASTA does not require membership to join.We have no chairperson.We have no managerial positions either.
We only have a contact place.We welcome anyone who likes SSTV.
We hope that everybody joining us will help us with his unique capability.

@SSTV New Face Contest by JASTAD

In A, spring is a season of freshmen. Some people start their student life, and some other business life at companies.The purpose of the "SSTV New Face Contest" is to welcome such new people.

SSTV Activity Contest by JASTA.

This is a contest with a history since SSTV was only available in "black and white".It is held in August every year.It is a one-month long contest, and the purpose of the contest is to improve
operation efficiency of each station.Every participants can expect nice awards.
You can communicate with many stations everyday during this SSTV Activity Contest period.

About SSTV software distribution.

We distribute control software.

For ROBOT type scan converter.
CONT1200 (For PC-98/DOS)
ImagePorter (For WINDOWS)
And for TASCO scan converter.

ImagePorter100 (For WINDOWS)
ImagePorte70s (For WINDOWS/Serial)

Other activities

Plan and operation of JASTA booth at HAM FAIR.

Operates SSTV roll call, PC communication and SSTV forums.

SSTV column in the "CQ ham radio", "Mobile ham" magazines.

Promotion and seminar of SSTV in local areas.

Consultation about SSTV.

Supports domestic SSTV meetings.

@From JASTA office.

JASTA is a volunteers-operated organization and volunteers who is fond of SSTV supports the organization in their specific field.No membership fee.No chairperson.
If you enjoy SSTV, you can join us.You are most welcome, if you join us helping us in your favorite field.Please join us now.No membership fee is required, but as we need activity costs, we would appreciate your donation.

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