The results on the 40th JASTA SSTV Activity Contest       

                                                                                           From JA3WZT at JASTA Contest office

Thank you very much for joining in the contest in 2017.

We are very pleased to announce the result.

The summary sheets of 33 stations from overseas, 60 Japanese stations, and total 93 stations have been received this year. In these applications, the first entries were 6 overseas stations, 2 domestic Stations and total 8 stations.

The winners on each category were shown below.

Congratulations you all!


The winner     UT5EPP 44774 pts
The 2nd place UA0LVO 20692 pts
The 3rd place UA6JQ 20139 pts

Domestic (Japan)

The winner     JA3OEN 98532 pts
The 2nd place JA5PJ 60354 pts
The 3rd place JN1VNW 44478 pts

The stations above will be presented the trophies according to the place.
And gNew Face Awardh will be presented to the highest score maker who participated for the first time.
Those are

Overseas            UA0JGT 8652 pts
Domestic (Japan) 7M3IEK 18000 pts

As special award, the best YL award was also prepared.

The best YL award was to

Overseas none

Domestic (Japan) JH8XIZ 25908 pts

   The results of each stations are here.